Another artist of the lens is integrated to the catalog of creators of Artecru.

Yoel García Rivero (Yogari) is one of the exponents of the photography in the visual contemporary panorama

He is defined as a “self taught social photographer”. As part of his professional formation he has participated in diverse courses of the Academy of Creative Picture of Havana.

He has several exhibitions so much personal as collective. At the same time he is part of the project Qué Bolá led by the creator of the plastic artistic Normandis Fernández. 

In their instantaneous they are reflected the feelings, the singularities and the so much diversity of the human beings as of the environments captured by his lens.

Their creations represent personal and collective experience, and they become in chronic of his time, expressed through their photograms.

This artist of the images is integrated to the catalog of Artecru. Space dedicated to the promotion of the contemporary art.



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