The creator uses the painting to reflect his perspectives of the world.

Yendi Tomás Estrada Cancino finds in painting a way to express emotions, feelings and anxieties.

Graduated from the Academy of Plastic Arts “El ALBA”, from Holguín in the specialties of Painting, Graphic Design and Illustration; He develops his professional activity in three Cuban cities: Havana, where he currently resides; Manzanillo, the city that saw him born and with which he adopted him and promoted his career: Santiago de Cuba.

In their pieces, the influence and use of abstractionism, expressionism and figuration, usually executed by acrylic on canvas, can be seen; as a technique and support of their creations.

His artistic concept is based on the symbiosis between content and form, with a discourse that summarizes the relationship between the existential and the reasoning of man through a unique perspective, inherent to the creator.

The artist is integrated from this month to the catalog of Artecru, a space where those interested can get close to his work.



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