The piece “Thematic Incongruence”, by the Manzanillo`s creator, won the recognition of the Municipal Salon “October 10 th”.

This Thursday, the 40th edition of the Municipal Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Manzanillo (Cuba) was inaugurated in the “Carlos Enriquez” Gallery. In addition to the highest award obtained by Yunier Tamayo Sánchez, mentions were given to artists Jesús Diéguez Fiallo, Pedro G. Guerra Tamayo and Gloria S. Fabra Aguirre, as well as a special mention to the photographic work presented by curator and critic Carlos R. Escala Fernández .

Tamayo Sánchez (Manzanillo, 1983) stands out for the novel twist given to his pictorial discourse, in which he portrays the portrait with the system of characteristic signs of his career and a fluency and chromatic harmony capable of generating a great power of attraction for the perceivers towards his piece, made in mixed technique on canvas in a 160 x 105 cm format.

Katerine de la Paz Herrera (Manzanillo, 1992) and Amaury Palacio Puebla (Manzanillo, 1976) also submitted their works to the trial of experts and the general public. “Object, subject, context and focus”, objet trouvé of multiple connotations and poetic simplicity was the piece proposed by Katerine and Amaury opted for his oil on canvas “Still under study”, 100 x 80 cm, in which he presented himself as an unnamed epigone no less than Diego Velázquez, by appropriating a detail of “Las meninas” to portray his friend and colleague Alexis Rondón Castellano.

A total of 21 unpublished pieces of the same number of authors were submitted to the contest, with a manifest thematic and formal variety.

Although the most widely represented currents are abstraction, realism and conceptual art. This salon tells to its credit a rich history in whose beginnings it was highlighted by the provincial scope of its call, which extended to the entire former province of Eastern.

The community of creators of Artecru, in which the creators of Manzanillo have an important role, was represented in this contest not only among the competitors, but also in the awards jury in the people of the painters Alexis M. Pantoja Pérez and Alexis Rondón Castellanos who served alongside curator Liannys Peña Rodríguez.

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