An exhibition where the young look is present.

Wallpaper is the name of the most recent exhibition the young artist of the plastic Lázaro Infante Gutiérrez.

Foreseen to be inaugurated in the gallery of the municipality of Colón, Matanzas, Cuba; it includes the creations of a group of students of the Provincial Academy of Plastic arts among them Alejandro Pons.

With approximately 30 pieces, it constitutes homage to the old place the Academy Taraskov, formerly institution where it was formed the painters and creators in the Athens of Cuba.

One of the most outstanding points is the prevalence of the monochrome values in conjugation with the color in each work. It is among the techniques more employees the oil on canvas for the realization and union of all the elements that compose the space.

This painter’s works are among the most recent creations incorporated in Artecru.