The cities are part of the pictorial story of this Cuban creator.

Scenes from European cities in this case, but with a particular vision from the other side of the Atlantic, with a particular use of colors, perspective, depth and conjugated with the canvas, oil and palette knife; are some of the proposals of Reinier Domínguez Cobelo.

From Moscow, Sydney to Paris without leaving the landscapes of countries like Italy or the United Kingdom to name just a few nations, viewers can approach unique pieces of their kind.

The creator who is characterized by the general representation of the reality of this type of scenes in some of his professional works; It has a detailed and sensitive way of creating and giving as it is said in the popular slang “life to these urban cities”.

He has an exquisite level of detail that makes him possessor of an artistic quality that identifies him of some of their contemporaries within this vast universe that are the visual arts.

Those interested in his work can approach and appreciate part of the process of creating their pieces through the Youtube channel of Artecru (



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