The paintings of urban scenarios present their creator’s stamp.  

Feelings, daily experiences, the courtesy seen and lived by the man, the expression and reflection of a reality they are some of characteristic of the paintings of urban landscapes of Artecru.

In them the representation of social elements is achieved by means of an inherent pictorial speech to each creator.

Enrique Casas is one of the visual representatives of this thematic constitute. He impregnates his very distinctive stamp with the employment of the palette knife technique like tool mediator among what he think and the final result of their works.

The employment of the light, the perspective, the depth in union to visual and tactile textures (result of the employment of the palette knife technique generally) it offers the spectator a contemporary look and an invitation to go into to the universe of the plastic arts.

With valuations axiological, aesthetic and conceptual to favor and in against on the part of specialists and experts, these creations are the result of years of work, preparation, consecration and perfection.



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