The paintings of the city of Matanzas reflect the life of this Cuban city.

The city watched from the plastic arts. An urban landscape that tries to reflect the reality so which as it is but that it contains a great load of subjectivity at the same time. They are some of elements that present Enrique’s Casas creations.

The creator goes to the city of Matanzas doesn’t like a simple space to represent but like an inspiration source. It tries to capture important details in an artistic composition together to a strong visual dramaturgic.

In the suggested paintings the elements denotative and connotative they mix to build a pictorial message easy to understand for the receiving public.

The author of these works of arts stands out for the topic of the landscapes in his creations. At the same time he collaborates with Artecru where leaves of their works are in the gallery of this space.

These paintings constitute excellent works for the decoration.