Genesis Gallery summoned to press conference to artist of the plastic.

After an intense year of work one of the most important exhibitions of plastic arts will appear in the last 365 terrestrial days in the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

It is: The roads they didn’t become alone that next day December 18 will be able to be seen and enjoyed by spectator’s type without distinction.

His creator the youth and misunderstood in occasions, Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón offered in the conference some details as for the creative process and he invited to that all to attend the 16 years summary through a hundred of works.

To say of Guillermo García Betancourt, healer of the same one, in her the author of these pieces “it has identified the guide, the route of the soul” in traffic of the full life of gnarled roads.

Among the collaborators of this exhibition is Artecru, space that has accompanied to: The roads…. during great part of their conformation, thanks to the union of two creators Yuniel Enríquez Castellanos and the own Salomón.

It was also given to know that the folkloric music’s famous musical grouping Muñequitos de Matanzas will be present in the inauguration of this sample where they will unite the music with the plastic and in the which the expressed musical topic because the roads don’t become alone, in reference to the deities of the vault of the Afro-Cuban culture that govern the destination and the human existence.

In their entirety the changes and dedication are picked up of one of the most remarkable artists in the last decade inside the Cuban visual panorama. In there we can find the frotipia, the collage, the ceramic are inside the main technical.

Alone it is to wait then that him public, this month of December and the 16 years of intense creation they accompany this painter so that never the roads that of them and those of him become alone.



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