Creator is news inside the plastic arts.

The roads didn’t become alone; the artist’s exhibition Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón will be reopened in the gallery of the Center of Conventions Square America in Varadero.

A wide public could appreciate when it had its inauguration last month of December in the gallery Pedro Esquerré Matanzas city. Although in this time the spectators will be able to enjoy a selection of other pieces of the sample.

In this occasion the frotipia will prevail as creation technique together with the oil on canvas and the ceramic, he stops this way to behave in a world where the religion and the human being unite to compose an entire world of enigmas, secrets and beliefs.

The sample summarizes the 16 years of the creator’s professional career and their works constitute a renovation inside the plastic arts in Cuba.

Some of the pieces of this exhibition are being part of private collections in United States and in France.

A selection of their works the interested can find it inside the suggestions of Artecru.



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