The artist achieves a variety of goods inside the visual universe.

The artist traffics for a variety of goods inside the contemporary visual elements thanks to the solidity and maturity in his professional career.

In their realizations they are manifested balance, meanings (always from their interpretation of the reality), together to a coherent pictorial speech and without wandering.

In this occasion he proposes paintings where the employment of the tones prevails: ocher, red and orange. With an aesthetic finish characteristic of the artist in a constant one to go and to come from visual representations that conform an interesting proposal as for content and it forms.

He intrudes in several goods inside the painting (abstraction, still lives, etc.), he uses a variety of techniques to reflect their creative restlessness on a canvas.

Yunier Tamayo is a creator that adapts and renovates before the new artistic demands of the XXI century. He possesses a visual aesthetics characteristic of him. Some of their paintings are part of the collection in the gallery of Artecru.



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