New reflective creation the religious and cultural syncretism of a creator.

A simbology that is hidden in certain occasions for the same visual structure through an ingrained religious and cultural syncretism is some of the present elements in one of the creations carried out by Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón.

With a dimension of 4 x 2.60 meters, the piece whose title is still to define, shares that format likeness with “Orisha Okó“; also of its responsibility (at the moment it is part of a collection private in France), but with an invoice that overcomes to its predecessor from the visual, creative and spiritual point of view.

If in “Orisha Okó”, the visual and tactile textures are conjugated, the comely creator at this time for the mapping in the surface. The employment of the colors and some elements of the visual communication are primordial in the conformation and understanding of the painting.

It is present the relationship of the life and the death, the parallelism of space and temporary dimensions, the faith, the diverse looks of the existence and the human being’s essence; always from a perspective peculiar of the artist.

What we are presented in this occasion is the result of a personal and professional evolution, by means of the allusion and the recognition to the Cuban popular culture. In her their creator maintains his pictorial aesthetics with renovation touches.

This work will be part of the exhibition that the artist of the plastic prepares for the year 2019 in The Acacia Gallery in Havana, Cuba.

Artecru will follow the whole creative process of this exhibition very closely.



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