Creator presents a very unique simbology within his work.

Enrique Casas Castellanos, creator of the Artecru catalog stands out within the contemporary visual panorama.

Presents various ways of making and understanding the painting, with particularities in terms of content and form, aspects that identifies and become the hallmark of his work.

It takes to the canvas a whole world meanings and interpretations of reality. Their pieces have dynamism and are in line with a compositional structure that is attractive.

At the same time, color and its different tonal ranges are combined with the use of light, as determining factors in the moment of interpretation and acceptance by the viewer, always used from the artist’s own perspective.

His proposal is the result of a professional improvement. In each one of them there is a pictorial simbology with touches of personal and creative renewal.

A selection of his works can be found in the Artecru gallery.



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