The event is developed every year in the city of Matanzas.

Artists and students of the visual arts participate in the XXIV edition of the “Roberto Diago” Salon 2018 in Pedro Esquerré Gallery.

In this occasion 4 members of the catalog of Artecru: Reinier Domínguez, Alejandro Pons, Adrián Socorro and Daniel Rodríguez presents their pieces in the contest with competitive character that takes place annually in the city of Matanzas.

Reinier Domínguez achieves with “The mouth”, a rural landscape of 80x 61 cm, to exploit to the maximum the potentialities of a gender that it is renewed before the demands and positions of a full century of images, in occasions lacking a concrete meaning.

Daniel Rodríguez offers with “Controls of the soul”, the human being’s constant ups and downs during his existence from his optics as artist.

Alejandro Pons on the other hand, deliveries a José Marti’s original vision through “The eye of the canary.”

While Adrián Socorro, catches the spectator with the work “The Nap.”

Each one of them from their perspective, defends an environment of pictorial significances from the creation through a speech and an own visual aesthetics.

This event is indispensable for the promotion of the contemporary art.

Work: “The mouth” of Reinier Domínguez

Work: “Controls of the soul” of Daniel Rodríguez.

Work : “The eye of the canary” of Alejandro Pons. Detail.

Work: ” The Nap”. Adrián Socorro. Detail.



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