An exhibition where the religion and the faith are part of the daily life.

To few days it is the beginning of one of the most important visual phenomenon that will happen this last month of the year in the city of Matanzas; it is the inauguration of the personal exhibition The roads didn’t become alone.

His creator the grateful painting Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón who is part of the catalog of creators of Artecru, (Salomón in the world of the painting), he contains the arduous but fruitful work during an entire year of creation and perfection.

With 150 works that it includes of the most traditional techniques until the most daring and polemic as the frotipia, this exhibition is part of a before and a later inside the plastic arts that are carried out in Cuba.

Something significant it was the realization of a press conference last day 8 in the headquarters that will welcome the exhibition; Pedro Esquerré gallery; almost unusual event in this city when of an exhibition of painting it is.

Everything is willing so that December 18th, day in which the creator is turning 30 years of existence in the earthly plane and 16 of professional career; the doors will have you and be opened in a context where any on the way to it will make alone.

It is to wait because the spectators attend an event that deserves that it is recognized such which and like it is.

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