New challenges are imposed contemporary creator in his career.

New reformulations about what can be considered “art” or the “different ways of doing it” is the challenge that Salomón (Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón) constantly proposes as part of his professional career and creative process.

What for some would turn out to be an illogical defragmentation in terms of the structure in which we are presented with some of his most recent visual pieces; for the creator it is a point of renewal and departure to a certain point within his artistic career.

On this occasion ceramic elements and even completely finished pieces, are combined in unison with the canvas and with pigments to give as a final result an attractive, singular and unique composition; in which everything is what it seems or what it appears to be.

Once again, without abandoning his religious beliefs, the artist proposes the identifying elements of the Afro-Cuban religion in a subtle and apparently imperceptible way, without losing his essence and presence for a moment.

From the structural aspect, the presence of the line in its curved morphological variant plays a key role in achieving the cohesion and coherence of all the elements that make up the proposed visual space.

To this is added the use of various chromatic scales so identifying and to which we are accustomed this contemporary creator.

In all of them it contains a part of the historical legacy and cultural heritage that make up part of the identity of Cuba as a nation.

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The presence of the line plays a key role in achieving the cohesion and coherence of all the elements.

Part of the creative process of the pieces.



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