Oneself concept artistic creator for oneself artist of the plastic one.

A different perspective from the point of view of the creation is new proposal Jorge’s J. Gutiérrez Salomón. 

This time the artist takes to the bristol board like base material. In her, he believes ambient where the imagination and the elements of the scene transmit oneself message.

The human figuration and the captured contexts are supplemented with a wide range of symbols that they identify the works of artist of the city of Matanzas. The religious topic is present again.

The realization of these works in white bottom with the black one as artistic resource provokes the spectator to a reconsider of its existence. In these works a careful and perfect work is appreciated that is difficult to understand for its significant load in occasions.

Salomon’s paintings break up with established aesthetic patterns. The lines and the form in that it manages the paintbrush constitute a distinctive and only stamp in the plastic arts in Cuba.

This creator is part of the catalog of creators of Artecru and his works are in the gallery of this space.