The artist offers a visual dramaturgic from their beliefs.

“Okan choncho ade meji oju olordumare” (A single road, two crowns to the eyes of the supreme god), it is one last pieces of Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón.  

With a dimension of 4 x 2.60 meters it will conform part of the exhibition he prepares for the Acacia Gallery, Havana for the year 2019.

In her an entire history is represented by means of the employment of some patterns and symbols corresponding to the Afro-Cuban culture in symbiosis with the codes of the plastic arts.

A discursive dramaturgic is exhibited accompanied by the syncretism and the creator’s religious origin as defender of the traditions and brought beliefs of Africa and blended with the European heritance of Cuba.

In the piece he defends an entire creative thought with touches and influences of other styles and movements inside the visual arts.

One of the singularities in this occasion is the relationship it figures – bottom, because what could be the base of the whole composite structure is transformed in essential figurative elements; an entire harmonic game from the psychological thing to provoke the spectator.

The man, the faith and the spiritual convictions carry out the leitmotiv again in this creator’s works. From a look ethnographical, semiotic, the public will have before yes a particular focus as for content and it forms of a part of the vast Cuban credo.

Some of their pieces are in the gallery of Artecru.



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