Artist of the plastic guest to creative series.

The painter Yeniel Morales Medina is one of the artists from the plastic companies to the exhibition of the series Life and faith.

With three works Lucero world, The gentleman of the roads and Icon; the author of these pieces elaborated starting from the acrylic on canvas offers his vision of the religion from the codes of the painting.

Full with symbolism, the use of the colors plays a fundamental part in the whole visual journey. To it is sunk the employment of snails to relate the objects of the nature with deities of the Afro-Cuban culture.

The use of the line as much straight line as curve constitute a means to link and to unite all the spaces and present elements in each one of the artistic proposals.

This creator’s works can be appreciated in the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists in the city of Matanzas until the day November 7th.

Morales Medina ‘ paintings are inside the creative suggestions of Artecru.



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