The creator has a particular capacity to reflect the natural landscapes.

Reinier Domínguez Cobelo has a very unique sensibility to represent natural environments.

In each of their canvases he maintains a visual aesthetic of his own; in which he combines in a peculiar way the color, the light, the perspective, and the background figure relationship in each of their compositions, issues that become characteristics of his paintings.

It has the ability to reflect even the most imperceptible details at times for the human eye.

His pictorial discourse constitutes a channel of communication and relationship with the spectators, and provides the sensation of extrapolation towards the rural landscapes represented on this occasion.

With the use of the palette knife it offers a visual and tactile texture that, added to the above, brings a touch of personal vision, freshness and beauty within the contemporary art scene of Cuba.

His talent evolves and is the result of the consecration, entrepreneurship and persistence of the artist within the complex field of the plastic arts.

Domínguez Cobelo is part of the creator’s catalog of Artecru, a space where those interested can find a selection of their works.