The Cuban creator has the ability to reflect any scenario in his paintings.

With a varied artistic work Reinier Domínguez Cobelo is presented as a creator that moves for different scenarios without losing that stamp that identifies it inside the plastic one Cuban current.

Of the urban landscapes of Cuba to those of Europe and of these to the rural natural environments, he offers us spectacular contexts where the exquisite employment of the light is one of the most excellent details.

It is united it an exact employment of the chromatic thing where the values and tones are employees to extrapolate the spectator to the reality. Their works possesses high artistic value .

In them it demonstrates ability with the paintbrush, what bears to the culmination of pleasant, simple and complex visual structures inside oneself composition, full with sense in symbiosis with the cultural context of the plastic arts that they are carried out in these times in Cuba.

Their paintings form part of the creative suggestions of Artecru and all the concerning information to this creator the interested ones they can find it in this space.