Artist’s group meets to take place a year of creation.

Real or Virtual constituted the event to celebrate the first anniversary of the project Qué Bolá guided by the artist of the plastic Normandis Fernández.

With headquarters in the county of Mayabeque, Cuba, it contains creators that are developed in diverse manifestations of the contemporary visual panorama.

The celebration summarized the chore of a year of intense artistic production, being one of the most significant moments in the encounter the realization from a work to 16 hands. In him each artist impregnated its stamp to the work, demonstrating the union and the desire once again of making when of art is.

On the other hand it was picked up in an audiovisual material all that carried out by this group of artists during the last 365 days; included the celebration of its first formation anniversary.

Among the creators that are part of the project is Nesky Fernández, as much him as Normandis integrate the catalog of Artecru, space in which there are some of their works.



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