The sample is favored by the Association Hermanos Saíz

Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón, Adrián Socorro Suárez and Alejandro V. Baró constitute three of the artists of the collective exhibition “Reagents II” whose inauguration was made June 7 in the Gallery Pedro Esquerré.

With a great load of symbolism and pictorial speech from the contemporary thing these three representatives of Matanzas city, reflected in each one of their pieces their feelings and interpretations of the life from the visual, the social, the religious and the perceptive.

Salomón caught the public with “The Arrival” and “Okán Chonchó Adémeji ojú olordumare”, two oils on canvas of 4 x 2.60 meters, in which the syncretism and his religious assumption are expression elements in each one of them.

On the other hand Socorro captured to the present with two acrylic on canvas “Koniek… or alone a good blow and you will die” (90 x 130 cm) and “Selfie” (90 x 60 cm) where the feminine figure recaptures the discursive center of his work again.

One of the pictures (8 x 12¨) of the series “Baroque Píxel” it was Alejandro’s Baró proposal; work where his author expresses an invention of the spaces and a series of dissents.

According to Yamila Gordillo, healer of the sample: ” Reagents II offers from a look very peculiar of each creator, other interpretations of social and human phenomena, and it is at the same time a rescue of the cultural memory.”

Each one of these artists is part of the catalog of creators of Artecru.

Adrián Socorro. “Selfie” acrylic on canvas (90 x 60 cm)

Adrián Socorro. “Koniek… or alone a good blow and you will die”acrylic on canvas (90 x 130 cm)

Alejandro Baró. Series “Baroque Píxel”. Pictures (8 x 12¨)  

Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón.”The Arrival” oil on canvas. 4 x 2.60 meters

Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón.”Okán Chonchó Adémeji ojú olordumare”, oil on canvas. 4 x 2.60 meters



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