Yeniel Morales Medina

Yeniel Morales Medina

Matanzas, Cuba, 1972


Main Exhibitions:

2019  Creative project “Escaramujo”. Matanzas` Culture House. Matanzas, Cuba.

2010  Personal exhibition “Simbiosis”, Art Gallery at ETECSA, Matanzas.

2003  Personal exhibition “Insular fragments for a space without limits”, “Art,  Sun and Sea”Gallery, (Varadero), Matanzas.

Personal exhibition “Fragments and stories about the sensual, the magical and the syncretic”, Carmen Mantilla Gallery, Havana City.

Exhibition “Homage to Oblivion”, Provincial Art Gallery of Matanzas.

2001   I Salon of Plastic Arts “Conceptual Map”, UNEAC, Matanzas.

2000   Exhibition at the “Gener y del Monte”Library, Matanzas.

1997   Exhibition “Ché Forever” in memory of the 30th Anniversary of  Commander Ernesto Ché Guevara´s death, killed during combat.

Participates as Invited Artist in the 4th. Provincial Salon of Students of the Plastic Arts at the Professional High School of Matanzas, Roberto Diago Querol.

Participates in the “Culture and Development” event in Matanzas.

1996  “Academics 96” National Salon. Sponsored by the Professional High Schools, held at the National Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”, Havana City, Cuba.

1995  Second Provincial Salon of Students of the Plastic Arts of the Professional High School Roberto Diago Querol.

1994  First Provincial Salon of Students of the Plastic Arts of the Professional High School Roberto Diago Querol.

1987  Exhibition in Moscow on the “Day of the Liberation of Africa”. Contest: “Africa Fights, Africa Builds”.

 Collective exhibition:

2020    “Points of view”. “Lorenzo Padilla” Gallery. Office of the Conservator of the city of Matanzas. Cuba.

2019    “Olofi´s Messengers”. San Severino Castle,  Matanzas. Cuba.

2017    Collective Exhibition  26x26. Union of Writers and Artists. Matanzas

2011     First Salon of Christian Religious Art, with the theme “La Caridad joins us”, ACAA, Matanzas City.

Participates in the collective exhibition held bythe teachers of the Art Instructor´s School in Matanzas, while celebrating the “Plastic Art´s Week”.

“Prizes and Mentions Salon”, a collateral exhibition to the Roberto Diago Hall, celebrating the 20-year trajectory of this Provincial Salon held at the “Pedro Esquerré” Gallery, Matanzas.

2010   Provincial Salon sponsored by the Hermanos Saíz Association, in the Pedro Esquerré Gallery, Matanzas.

2006   Collective exhibition at the Plaza América Convention Center, Varadero.

2005   Collective exhibition at the Abraham Lincoln Center for Community Culture, Matanzas.

Collective exhibition “Intimate Tribulations”, collateral to the XI Erotic Art Salon, Fayad Jamís Gallery, in Alamar (Havana).

Joint Exhibition “Ritual of the unusual”, at the Juan Francisco Manzano Gallery, UNEAC, Matanzas.

2004   III Salon of Plastic Arts “Conceptual Map”, UNEAC, Matanzas.

Collective exhibition in Montreal, Canada, at the Gora Gallery.

Collective exhibition on March 8th, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, organized by the UNEAC at the Quitrín Gallery in Varadero.

Participates in the X Salon of Erotic Art. Gallery Fayad Jamís, in Alamar (Havana).

Collective exhibition at the Gallery of the Art Instructor´s School of Matanzas.

2002  Collective Exhibition in Varadero Hotel Arenas Doradas organized by UNEAC.

Collective Exhibition “The Art for Life” held in the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi.

2001  Collective Exhibition in Montreal (Canada), Gora Gallery.

Collective Exhibition on the 60thAniversary of the Plastic Arts School Foundation in Matanzas.

2000   Collective Exhibition in Plaza América Convention Center,Varadero.

1997   Collective exhibition byMatanzas´s artists, held in May at the Art Gallery of Matanzas.


1997     Mention in the IV Provincial Salon of Plastic Arts, Roberto Diago, Matanzas.

1992     Prize in a Drawing Contest organized by the Universitarian Extension Department of the Social Science and Humanities Faculty of the ISP Juan Marinello, Matanzas.

1989     Prize at the XIV Amateurs National Festival of Art and Literature, celebrated in San Antonio de los Baños, sponsored by the FEEM in the IPUEC Alberto Medina. Jagüey Grande, Matanzas.

1987     Prize in the 5th. National Salon of Plastic Arts held for students of Professional High School of Arts.

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