Sylvie Poinsot

Sylvie Poinsot

París, Francia, 1961

Phone: (+33) 0777856342

Where freedom breathes…”

“Think, love, live and create”

“Creating in complete freedom, without ever seeking to repeat oneself”.

Born in 1961 at Châtenay-Malabry in France, Sylvie Poinsot brought her sensitivity to bear through the drama workshops she attended for many years, and through browsing exhibitions with intense concentration, which she has continued to do her whole life.

In 1997, she attended life classes with Jean Claude Athané, a sculptor and former pupil of Zadkine, before launching herself for several years into exploring the use of charcoal and pastel, either with live models or drawing on her imagination.

In 2006, she added painting to her artistic spectrum and began an intense investigation, painting numerous expressionist portraits, full of emotional intensity.

In 2008, she attended the studio run by Yves Devaux-Veeska, founder of the “Peindre en liberté” (Paint in Freedom) foundation, who then kept a kindly eye on her throughout 2010, as she explored painting as part of her personal artistic development.

It was in 2012, following an exhibition in Paris of works by Louis Soutter, that she began her exploration of drawing with Indian ink, once again for portraits.

During this same period, she attended writing workshops, and a first anthology of writings called “Portraits croisés” (Parallel portraits), on some of her paintings was published in September

2014 A second collection of writings, “À la volée” (On the Move), came out in July 2015. Lastly, a short story entitled “Parenthèse: Éclairage sur une folie ordinaire” (In Parenthesis: Shedding Light on an Ordinary Madness) was published by L’Harmattan in September 2016.

2016 marked a turning point for Sylvie Poinsot as, after meandering through the many complexities of figurative and semi-figurative art, she chose to explore a new artistic niche: lyrical abstraction.

Personnal exhibition

2018   “Lyrical flight ” Opus I. Abel Pence Gallery. France.

2011   “Praise of the living ”. Arts et Société Gallery. France.

2006   “Women’s essences ”. Bar Gallery. France.

            “Exhibition vitual ”. ARTSCAD. Internet.

2005   “Italy”. Gallery. Italy.

            “Queries and disruptions”. Théâtre de la Main d’Or. France.

2004 – 2007   “Italy”. Salici Library. Viterbo, Italy.

2003   “Fantasmagories”. Animation Center´s Daviel. France.

            “Women’s Body”. Noues Association. Montreal.

Collective exhibition

2018   “Nations ´ Biennale”. Palais de la Miséricordia. Italy.

2017   “Collective exhibition”. Mp Tresart Gallery. Québec.

2016   “Luxembourg Art Prize”. Hervé Lancelin Gallery. Luxembourg.

           “Leonard da Vinci Prize”. Borghese Palace. Italy.

2015   “Being Human”. Studio 26th. United State.

            “Winter Sun”. Mp Tresart Gallery. Québec.

2014   “Artexpo New York”. Artifact Gallery. New York.

           “With the fjords in the eyes: Tribute to Munch scream”. Sea Museum.  Italy.

            “Michelangelo Prize”. Gadarte Gallery. Italy.

 2013   “Selection Biennale Rome”. Collector Gallery. Italy.

            “Winter”. Congress Palace. France.

            “In the Sign of the figuration”. TEMPO Gallery. Italy.

            “Holidays Roman”. Coronari 111 Art Gallery. Italy.

             “Look at me”. Coronari 111 Art Gallery. Italy.


2014   Biennale Rome. Bramante Sale. Italy.

2013   1st Biennial contemporary art from Palermo.


2017   Auction. Hotel´ Sales of Lausanne. Switzerland.

2016   Auction. Hotel´ Sales of Lausanne. Switzerland.

2014   Auction.  Salle des ventes Rossini. France.


2016   Leonard De Vinci Award. Florence, Italy.

2014   Michelangelo Prize. Florence, Italy.



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Critical analysis of his ouevre.

“Since 2016: a new artistic avenue”

Having meandered through the many complexities of figurative and semi-figurative art, Sylvie Poinsot returns to us with an entirely new artistic niche: lyrical abstraction. Following her first timid, cautious steps, the artist has found her cruising speed along this new creative pathway, as she herself calls it. Movements are fluid and clean, no longer seeking to relate to any realistic projection. The artist’s legendary instinctive sensitivity powerfully maintains the indelible link that binds her to her medium. Luminous spontaneity this time, backed up by a whole new palette of colours.

Pure, primary, primitive colours, that reveal simply and in full the inexhaustible passion of this ardent enthusiast of all-encompassing total art. She demonstrates her ability to harmonise the dissident harmonies of pure expressionism: the eternal duality between heart and reason. It is a fine expression of pictorial, chromatic freedom and speculation. Sylvie Poinsot reveals her full artistic potential once again. Her new creative pathway is undoubtedly worth the detour.

Martine Boucharf-Chroniquart


“Up until 2015: uncompromising expressionism”

Coming from the world of theatre, Sylvie Poinsot has not, however, renounced her former allegiances, as she has transposed theatrical elements and visual arts into a passionate fusion, as a real profession of faith.

Character and masks are central to her concerns; faces are sketched with great bursts of vivid, febrile colours. It is an expressionism that is entirely subject to her inner visions, and to the tearing apart of the walls of her heart.

The artist acknowledges several different sources of influence in the development of her art. I find that in Sylvie Poinsot’s work, perceives the same arterial turbulence, the same uncompromising candour and frenetic lust for painting as can be seen bursting from the works of Basquiat. Although the two artists’ works are very different, the same visceral wrench radiates from their respective works.

The only difference is that in Sylvie Poinsot’s work, there is no distraction, no invasive pictorial environment. The spotlight is trained on the subject alone, leaving them bare, in all their vulnerability and existential fragility. The artist works with oils and acrylics on canvas and with dry pastel and ink on paper, to generously offer personal works with great depth and candour. Creative energy in pure state.

While her acrylic works are made using a broad colour palette and with great exuberance, her pastels are, on the other hand, created using a few very steady strokes. With just a few lines and movements, the artist suggests portraits filled with an intense expressive quality. The look in the eyes is particularly important in her works. It brings the subject’s soul to life, stirring with the thrill of the artist’s unique and staggering personal expressionism. Sylvie Poinsot has an extensive output available to view. It is an output that will not leave anyone indifferent and that will undoubtedly appeal to enthusiasts of powerful works.

Martine Bouchard-Chroniquart


 “To the wise interpretation of art, your creativity, a perfect combination of harmony and light, your ability to capture the sensitivity of the soul.”

Biennial of Nations

E.A. EDITORE- Biennial of Nations


 “The dynamic background made of a mix of soft colors, contrasts with the chromatic choice used for the face of the subject; a painting full of meaning, a painting that wants to shout out something through the expression in stops and starts sad and lost and in stops and starts euphoric and galvanized. An informal artwork characterized by the unique touch of the artist.”

“Art Effect”. Contemporary Art Magazine

Sandro Serradifalco


“It is a disturbing work, which is connected to the expressionist German painting of the twentieth century, in particular to that of Emile Nolde. But this painter goes further, revealing a poetic vein that is exalted in the strong contrasts of signs and colors”.”

“Protagonists of Art 2014: From the 19th century to the present”.

Paolo Levi. Italian art critic.


“Sylvie Poinsot Works on a really expressive painting. In portrayed characters eyes we can read their souls. A colored soul. A soul in search of the lost happiness. The colors she uses gave her the nickname of “the painter of the light”. A light that dominates the darkness becoming the mouthpiece of real feelings. A language that is not linked to hyperrealism but to the communication that explains the human actions.”

Salvatore Russo. Italian art critic.


“Before reaching the exhibition’s turning point, where drama slowly tones down, winning a few smiles out of the visitor, one need to mention Sylvie Poinsot’s. Here is a face that appears to melt under the weight of existence, the mouth reduced to a grimace. Only the eyes maintain a cold lucidity. This is the portrait of the awareness of the drama of human existence”.

Adelinda Allegretti


“Faces that become the most faithful witness to the thoughts of the human being. Faces that confess their truths. Faces that have the same evocative power as Munch’s scream. Faces that are painted by the skilful hand of the artist Sylvie Poinsot. In their works, the artist pays great attention to the facial expression of their figures. Mimic that is the expression of what in that moment the figure represented thinks. Feelings and emotions. The face becomes a sort of autobiographical diary on which to write one’s own moods. There technique used is very unique. There is no hyperrealism and the figures have fleeting and contours specifically undefined, to give greater importance to the very concept they want to express. The color scheme in all the works is decidedly extraordinary, going beyond the common see things”.

Salvatore Russo. Italian art critic.


“Sylvie Poinsot is an expressionist artist of the new generation. In complete freedom she expresses itself through painting, ink on paper and dry pastel. The only laws, to which the artists obey, are that of spontaneity and the absolute, in the process of creation. The artist paints characters, alone on stage, pinned under the projector of her mind, put in value by a wide palette of vibrant and contrasting colors. In all simplicity, the artist gives himself at the same time as his subjects. Their works are composed with a lot of gestures and big, energetic impulses. Frank and opaque colors oppose and superimpose each other in an intoxicating and haunting chromatic fresco. Uncompromising art, absolutist and whole nature. The artist’s pastels deliver less detail than his acrylics. From a few lines, the artist draws maximum intensity and brightness about her subjects. Characters, with their own eyes emotions and its inner worlds. A production with powerful and unique works, in its kind. Beautiful paintings to discover, and to discover. Simple and complex art, all at once. Sylvie Poinsot, a name to remember”.

Martine Bouchard-Chroniquart