Normandis Fernández

Normandis Fernández

Guantánamo, Cuba, 1973

Studies and formation:

Autodidact. Associated with the agency of visual authors “ADAVIS”.

Personal expositions:

2017   January 25, First collective exposition of the group “QUE BOLÁ” titled “Sin cobertura”.

2016   Talent festival in the recreative center “El patio”, Quivicán.

Folk art fair in the municipal culture house Nieve Xenes Quivicán.

2004   Permanent sample in the Society of Catalan mutual benefits.

2003   Permanent sample in the gallery “Ecualico”, Ricardo Arias street, Espartaco building, banking area, Panama City with the series “Malecón”.

Sale exhibition in the “Casa del Habano Partagás”.

2002   Personal sample of 3 artworks in the “Casa del Habano Partagás” Havana.

1992  Personal mural “Defendiendo la patria” (Defending the homeland) C.P.M.S.

1988  Persona exposition “Buscando mi arte” (Finding my art) Pre-university institute “Víctor Pasaiev”.

Collective expositions:

2020  “Points of view”. “Lorenzo Padilla” Gallery. Office of the Conservator of the city of Matanzas. Cuba.

2002-2003  Collective exposition in the gallery “Pierre Renoir” of the French Union of Cuba.

2002  Collective exposition in the guest hall of the association Yoruba of Cuba.

2001-2002  Collective exposition “C est si bon”. The French Union of Cuba opened X Quivicán, Havana.

1999  Collective exposition “Nuestros campos” (Our fields) E, C, V (greenhouse) Quivicán, Havana.


2016  First place in the meeting of the landscape of the municipal house of culture Nieve Xenes, Quivicán.

2005-2016  Creates a group of amateur and professional artists to give them a class to develop the technique, wich is a result of the fusion of various techniques of the plastics arts and handicrafts.

1990  First place consecutive in the municipal competition “Protege la naturaleza”.

1989  First place and mention in the municipal competition in plastics arts “Protege la naturaleza” (Protect nature) of the Pre-university Insitute Víctor Pasaiev.

Work experience:

2017  Since January 3, 2017, is a member of the artist group “QUE BOLÁ” being one of the promoters.

2016  Collaborate in the art community project San Felipeño in plastics arts since June of 2016.

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