Nesky Fernández Ramírez

Nesky Fernández Ramírez

Guantánamo, Cuba, 1968

Studies and formation:

Interest circle in primary age and later in the school of arts Regino Eladio Boti.

Professional formation:

1987-1991   Graduated in plastics education in the Pedagogical Superior Institue of Arts José Varona.

Personal expositions:

2002  Personal event of 3 oeuvres in the “Casa del Habano Portugal La Habana”.

1993  Personal exposition “Negronas” in the exposition hall Guantánamo.

Collective expositions:

2017   January 25, First collective exposition of the group “QUE BOLÁ”, titled “Sin cobertura”.

2016   Folk art fair in the municipal house of the culture Nieves Xenes Quivicán.

2004      Permanent sample “Sociedad de Beneficio Naturales Catalana”.

2003      Permanent sample in the gallery Ecualico, Espartaco building, finance area, Panama City, with the series “Landscape of Pinar del Río”.

2003      Sale exhibition in “Casa del Habano Partagás”.

2002-2003   Collective exposition in the art gallery “Pierre Renoir” of the French Union for the first anniversary of the gallery.

2002   Collective exposition in the invited hall of the associations of Yoruba of Cuba.

2001-2002 Collective exposition “C est si bon”. French union of Cuba, opening the gallery “Pierre Renoir”.

1990   Collective exposition IPEJV Friends retrospective.

1987   Collective exposition IPEJV, Baracoa landscape.

1987   Collective exposition IPEJV, perspective.


2016 Second prize in the meeting of the municipal house of culture Nieve Xenes, Quivicán.

Work experience:

2017   Since the January 3 of 2017, a member of the group of plastics artists “QUE BOLÁ” being one of the promoters.

2016      Comunitary project of art San Felipeño of plastics arts.

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