Mirko Sevic

Mirko Sevic

Velika Kladusa, Bosna and Hercegovina

Email: mirkosevic@hotmail.com

“I am a painter of the darkness for a drop of good.

Irretrievably, I immersed into the darkest corners of spiritual destructiveness of a human being in hope to describe it, to stay for a while. Humbleness of those who suffer captured my sensibility.

I resist nit, I seek for the way out.

My images tried to be a message, no one replied.

Now, they are just a scream and I am not sure anyone can hear it.”

Mirko Sevic

I was born at Velika Kladusa, Bosna and Hercegovina. As ten years boy I got a price from famous painter Krsto hegedusic and Ivan Generalic. After finishing Law studies when I was able to have material backgrounds, slowly I started to return to painting by eveloping specific technique of expression. On 1989 I started to work seriously with intention to show and share my work with audience. Sincethat I live at the area of ex- Yugoslavia, all the tragic evens before and during the War had wonded my soul. Through my images and my drawing I am trying to send the message that we have lost the border line between human and animal. With each of my drawing I send a message and warnning to the World that if we continue to go on this path where we are going to end.

My work and myself have been inserted among the best artists 20th Century on website  www.all-art.org  History of Art in the Art of the 20th Century category- Neo surrealism.

My art works  incorporated at  art book Otto Rapp, VISIONARY ART YEARBOOK 2010 – 2011.  www.visionaryartgallery.weebly.com

I’m member of the Society for Art of Imagination. www.artofimagination.com

I was invited to participate in 8th Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea of Florence. I am one of thewinners of the Biennale with a medallion” Lorenco Il Magnifico”. www.florencebiennale.org


2017     Artifact Gallery, Manhattan, New York.

2008     Exhibition Nada Matijevic and Mirko Sevic,Library SKD-“Prosvjeta” Zagreb, Croatia.

The Passion’s motif, the 4th Competition exhibition “Pasionska bastina” Museum Mimara, Zagreb, Croatia.

2007     Exhibition the Society for Art of Imagination, Mall Galleries, London UK.

2006     The Exhibition of the drawing, Mirko Sevic “Gallery Topusko” Topusko, Croacia.

2005     The Exhibition of the drawing, Mirko Sevic, “Museum Kozara” Prijedor, Bosna and Hercsgovina.

The Passion’s motif , The 3th competition exhibition ” Pasionska bastina” Museum Mimara Zagreb, Croacia.

2000     Mirko Sevic, drawings “Caffe Gallery” Osijek, Croacia.

1999     Mirko Sevic dravings, Gallery SKD “Prosvjeta,” Osijek, Croacia.

1997     The Exhibition of drawings, Mirko Sevic, Gallery ‘Skadarlija” Belgrad, Yugoslavia.

1996     Performans Milorad Tepavac, Mirko Sevic and friends, Gallery ULUS Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1995     Gallery the Centre for culture, Topusko.


2011     8th International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italia.

1998     39th Gold pen of Belgrade” Yugoslav’s Biennial of illustration,The Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1996     38th Gold pen of Belgrade,” The 4th International Biennial of Illustration, Museum ’25th Maj”, Gelgrede, Yugoslavia

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