Luisa Vicente Isola

Luisa Vicente Isola

Salta, Argentina


I am an architect and an artist. I was born in Salta – Argentina, I lived until I was 18 years old in Metan City, Salta; I currently live in the capital of this Argentine province.

“My approach to the world of art”

I believe that it is not a decision that is taken but a vocation that is discovered. I think it happens like everyone, even people who start singing or dancing, it’s with rehearsals, wanting to do the things that you want to do, since I was little I liked it but at 13 years old it was the last painting I did, then never more I painted. I entered the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and until 12 years later I dedicated myself exclusively to architecture in a public work (Ministry of Government of the Salta province); as private with other co-workers. I started painting again with dedication for three years and in this time it became my passion.


Since I was little I liked drawing a lot, but there were not the possibilities that exist now, for example in the Metan city (Salta) in the school that I studied I do not remember that there was a subject that was totally art, the closest thing I remember was crafts, embroidery, workshops.

“What do I express in my art?”

In painting, I paint everything I like, what I want, in it I express everything I have.

The inspiration? This is one of those questions that you do not know how to answer, because inspiration can arise at any time and from anything.

Painting relaxes, paint fills you with things, emotions that you have to take out, and sometimes it’s the only way you have to express what you have inside.

“Working time”

There are pieces that I can do in four hours, when I am excited, there are others that you are doing, playing with the play, you put a color and you do not like it and you keep playing, etc.

There are paintings that mature for a long time in the head and then come out fast; I do not know from when I should start counting its duration. Others dilate a lot in time.

“Work techniques”

Experiencing is the only way to get hold of materials. The recipes of others (even if they are refuted by writers) do not always work for what you are looking for.

“Function of art”

Art, as I understand it, is a way of seeing and transforming the world, that is its function in society.

“Difficulties on the road”

Difficulty on the road? Yes, difficulties with artists, wanting to do something with your life and being paid for it, painting or drawing is a job, and for many the difficulty of surviving it and having people believe in you, that people trust in you, as someone who expresses and can sell that expression. I have encountered many obstacles with the beliefs of the people, and where we live, the lack of culture, the lack of education, the need to believe more in art, not just doing it, but believing in buying it, in getting it, in show it off.

“Painting as a medium in life”

When you are going to be something important in your life that is to be happy, is to go ahead and not stop, treat people well, try to share with good people. Do what you want, but certainly with the heart 100 percent. That is always worth the effort.

“Meaning for me of the painting”

Painting is for me a way of visual expression, where I can give free rein to my imagination and express my concerns, emotions and ideas. Like any other art, it requires a lot of creativity and discipline but also technical and some sacrifice, especially economic, since there are times that are not as good as others.


2010   Degree in Fine Arts. Sevilla University. Spain.

1996   Architecture Studies. Catholic University of Salta. Argentina.


  • Writing, review and correction of corporate communication and marketing materials.
  • Development of AdVibes Magazine with the content team, reaching a print run of more than 5,000 copies.
  • Restructuring of the linguistic database to improve accessibility and the organization of the team in general.

2013 – 2017  Communications specialist. Advertising and marketing agency AdVibes. Madrid Spain.

2000 – 2011   Ministry of Government of the Province of Salta. Argentina

1998 – 2015   Architect with his own studio. Salta, Argentina.

Professional competences

  • Architecture and urbanism.
  • Language: English – intermediate.
  • Projects and works.
  • Provision of construction budgets.
  • Corel Draw.
  • Time management


  • Designer of the “Executive Glamor” web theme, which was sold to an important architectural website for a net price of 1.3 million euros.
  • Supervision and orientation of a team of 8 developers and web launch 5 weeks ahead of schedule.


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