Gecer López García

Gecer López García

Villa Clara, Cuba, 1984


Carried out studies 

1999 – 2003     Academy of Fine Arts of Havana “San Alejandro”.

2004 – 2009     School of Plastic Arts of University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA).

Personal exhibitions 

2015    “Fable of the Paradise”. XII Biennial Havana. Strength of “San Carlos of the Cabin”, Havana. 

2009    “The biggest Show in the World”. Center of Development of the Visual Arts. Havana.  

2008    “1789: the eternal carp”. “Hispanic Alliance” Gallery. Madrid, Spain. 

2005    “Cirque du Bonheur”. Week of the Francophone. French Alliance of Havana. Havana.  

2003    “Circonstancias”. René Portocarrero Gallery. National Theater of Cuba. Havana.

Collective exhibitions 

2015    Exhibition of Cuban Independent Cinema. Center “Ars Santa Mónica”, Barcelona, Spain. 

2012    Salon of expressionism homage to Antoria Eiriz, Havana. 

             Exhibition “Eulogize to the Sacrifice”. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 

             Exhibition retrospective Engraving in the Memory, for the anniversary 35th of the foundation of the ISA. School of Plastic Arts of the Superior Institute of Art. XI Biennial of Havana. 

2011    Exhibition “Boomerang”. “San Alejandro” Academy, Havana.  

2010    Exhibition “Concert engraving”. “Rubén Martínez Villena” Gallery Library, Havana. 

             Exhibition “Of good ink”. Center Commercial Galleries Guadalajara. Mexico. 

             The video Goes Her of l’Homme (d’après Étienne-Jules Marey) it is used in the work Area-body of the company Combinatorial of Rosario Cárdenas Dances. Havana. 

2009    “Bye Bye Polaroïd of Gilles Ouak”. “Wharf” (Centers d’art contemporain of Basse-Normandie). France.  

             “The Fool of the Hill”. “Villa Manuela” Gallery. Havana.  

2007    “Built situation. Video-projection and performance. School of plastic arts of Superior Institute of Art of Cuba. Havana.  

2006    Salon Iberian-American Art 2006. American University Museum, Katzen Art Center Third Floor Dr. Joann Crisp-Ellert Gallery. Washington D.C. United States.  

             “Like father like son”… “Castle of the Muzzle” Gallery. Havana.  

             Video-projection in a shot field to Throw and to Throw well. IX Biennial of the Havana.  

2005 – 2006  Itinerant exhibition “In the eye of the Crow”, organized by Experimental Shop of Graph of the Havana. Guayasamín `s House. Havana.   

2005    Exhibition with reason of the anniversary of the Experimental Shop of Graph of the Havana. Guayasamín `s House. Havana.   

             Exhibition “The art of the appropriation”. Servando Cabrera Gallery. Havana.  

2004    Itinerant exhibition “With certain color” (Homage to Carpentier) conceived by the Experimental Shop of Graph of the Havana.  

2004 – 2009   Itinerant exhibition “Meeting with Angels” organized by The “School of Visual Arts” of New York. United States.   

2004    Encounter of Engraving. Wifredo Lam Center. Havana. 

             Exhibition Homage at July 14th. Napoleonic museum. Havana.  

2003    Collective exhibition “Forty years of lithograph”. Experimental Shop of Graph of the Havana.  

             Exhibition “Made in Krause”. Luz and Occupation Gallery. Provincial Center of Plastic arts. Havana.  

             Exhibition “Record five”. Diago Gallery. The Large house. Havana.  

2002    Exhibition “My rights are…”. Astral Theater. Havana.  

             Exhibition Allegory of an old roller of engraving students of “San Alejandro” Theater Mella. Havana.  

             184th Anniversary of “San Alejandro”. Havana.  

             Exhibition Homage to Belkis Ayón. 23 and C Gallery. Experimental Center of Plastic arts “J. A. Díaz Peláez”. Havana. 

2001    Exhibition “Of New Ink”. L Gallery. Havana. 

             “Academic”. School “San Alejandro”. Havana.  


Some his work is part of collections in United States, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Peru. 

References to his work 

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  • Stéphane Bussard. Article for the newspaper Him Temps of Geneva. November 8th. 2007

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