Emilio O` Farrill

Emilio O` Farrill

Matanzas, Cuba, 1973

Email: emilio.ofarrill@nauta.cu
Phone: (+53) 52923987

Artist of the Plastic Art and Graduate in Visual Arts. Graduated in the Pedagogic University Juan Marinello 

Personal exhibitions 

2008   “The art like cleaning”. Headquarters of the Culture House Nelson Barrera. 

            “Rooms”. Installation. Great Format. Gallery Polyvalence. 

2000   “The orishas of the lot”. Gallery of the community “Orishas”. Matanzas. 

1999   “Of the key to the lot II”. Paintings. Gallery of art of the Bella Costa Hotel. Varadero. Matanzas. 

1998   “The Rumba of the Caribbean”. Paintings. Encounter of Caribbean Roots, Matanzas-Curazao. Culture House Bonifacio Byrne. Matanzas. 

            “Of the Key to the Solar I”. Center of the community culture Bonifacio Byrne. 

1997   “The African-American drum”. Watercolors. Aarhus, Denmark. 

            “I want to be drum”. Paintings. Center of Cultural Promotion. 

1996   “Batarrumba”. Paintings. CDIP Gallery. ISP Juan Marinello. 

1995   Painting Mural “The garden of the Reasons”. School of Humanities. Pedagogic University Juan Marinello. 

1993   “Painting with Fire”. Provincial library “Gener and of the Mount”, Matanzas. 

1992   “My Matanzas I”. Drawings and watercolors. Pedagogic university “Juan Marinello”. Matanzas. 

            “My Matanzas II”. Drawings. University “Camilo Cienfuegos”.

Collective exhibitions 

2019   Project Saint is the Marina. Intermittent Rivers. Havana Biennial 2019. 

            Artists of Matanzas city. Meliá Varadero Gallery. 

            “To the shade of the Yagruma”. 34th festival of the Caribbean. 

            Plastic action in the monument to the Wildin gallery to open sky. Project of Aberto Lescay. 34th festival of the Caribbean. 

2018   Project of Cultural Exchange of Mexico to Matanzas. 

2016   “The echo of the Drum”. Blue Salon. ACAA. Matanzas. Homage to Rogelio Martínez Fure.  

            “Three for África”. Art Gallery. Museum to the Battle of Ideas. Cárdenas, Matanzas. 

2015   Painting Mural. “The green mount”. Alley of the Traditions. Matanzas. 

2014   10th Edition of the Party of the Origins.  

2008   “Orishas and Rumberos”. Painting. “Orishas” Community Gallery, neighborhood the Marina. Matanzas. 

2007   Collateral exhibition. Havana Biennial. Gallery Alamar. Havana. 

2004   Party of the Origins. Painting. Pedro Esquerré Gallery. 

            Exhibition Homage to Titón. Festival of Latin American Cinema. Cinema Velasco. 


2018   Salon of Landscape “Leopoldo Romañach”. Space 34 Gallery. Varadero.

            Salon 325th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Matanzas. Provincial Gallery Pedro Esquerré. 

            Wemillere. Salon the African in the postmodern. Concha Ferrant Gallery. Guanabacoa. Havana. 

2014   III  Salon of Graphic Humor “It Bends Nine”. Provincial Council of the Plastic arts. Matanzas. 

2003   Salon 310 th  anniversary of the foundation of the city. ACAA. Matanzas. 

2001   III Salon the African thing in the postmodern. “Concha Ferrant” Gallery. Guanabacoa. 

1997   Salon Che Forever. Installation. Center of Art Matanzas. 

1996   IV Salon of Applied Arts. Installation. Center of Art Matanzas. 

1993   II Provincial Salon of Plastic arts “Roberto Diago”. Drawing. Center of Art, Matanzas.              


2018   Reward ACAA of Cárdenas.  

            Salon “Leopoldo Romañach”. Space 34 Gallery. Varadero 

            Reward Wemillere 2018. Salon “The African in the postmodern”. Series “The Dark Camera.” 

2014   Mention. Humorous salon. Bend Nine. 

2004   Reward Painting of the Provincial Council of the Plastic arts of Matanzas. II Salon of Painting and Sculpture. Acaa. Matanzas. 

2003   2nd Reward ACAA of the Salon of Craft 310 Anniversary of the Foundation of the city. 

2001   Prizes Foundation “Fernando Ortiz” and “Society Yoruba of Cuba”. III Salon “The African thing in the Postmodern”. Concha Ferrant Gallery. Guanabacoa. Havana. 

1997   Mention. Installation “I Work Volunteer”. Salon “Che forever”. Center of Art. Matanzas. 

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