Eduardo Jaime Flores Castillo “Petruzzi”

Eduardo Jaime Flores Castillo “Petruzzi”

Chile, 1997

Phone: (+56) 931275376

“The name Petruzzi is a tribute to my great uncle ” Franco Petruzzi ”.

At 14 years old I got to know art and decided to take it as a way of life.

I learned to express myself through colors and shapes.

Today art is my way to witness my emotions and thoughts”.

Eduardo Jaime Flores Castillo “Petruzzi” is currently member artist of Association of painters and sculptors of Chile.


My work is mainly acrylic paint. The narrative of my work is a vision of the idealized world that transmits joviality and dynamism through the use of color and the interaction between forms.

Academic training

2015 – 2017   Finis Terrae University. School of Architecture and Design.


2018   Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago. Chile.

            Exhibition Nestar Bar, Lo Barnechea. Santiago. Chile

            National Monument Exhibition, Casa de los Diez. Santiago. Chile.

            Exhibition Gallery Fauna, January 8th. Barrio Italia, Santiago. Chile.

            Vivart exhibition, Chincol Gallery. Miraflores 613, Santiago. Chile.

2017    Street Art Championship “Vitajoven”. Vitacura, Santiago. Chile.

            Exhibition “Featz Santiago”, Central Station. Santiago. Chile.

2016    Sample Postcards, Chincol Gallery. Miraflores 613. Santiago. Chile

            Exhibition XXIV Feline Renagach International Show. Providence. Chile.

            Exhibition “What That Funk”, Chimkowe Cultural Center. Peñalolen, Santiago. Chile.

            FILSA 2016 exhibition, Mapocho Station. Santiago, Chile.

            Exhibition “Black Monkeys III”, Gallery The Blue Door. Italy neighborhood. Santiago. Chile.

            Exhibition “Black Monkeys II”, Gallery The Blue Door. Italy neighborhood. Santiago. Chile.

2012    Exhibition in “El Tambo”. Craft Village Chile.


2018    Workshop Adidas P.O.D Costanera Center

2015    Workshop Book Object by Mario Lagos


2018   1st place in the “Design your Ronson” contest.

2017   Finalist in the Street Art contest “Vitajoven”. Municipality of Vitacura.

2016   2nd place in the “Expo Fad” Contest of the Finis Terrae University.

           1st place in the contest “It’s Bolaño on the street” by Pengin Random House.

           1st place in the “Design your Navaja” contest by Victorinox Chile.


2019   Collaboration with the brand of lighters “Ronson” with more than 4 million lighters with a painting by Petruzzi.

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