Daniela Díaz Álvarez

Daniela Díaz Álvarez

La Habana, Cuba, 1994

Email: dany.alvarez1994@gmail.comdanielarte@nauta.cu
Phone: (+53) 58075825

Visual artist (painter and photographer), writer, poet, screenwriter. Cultural promoter, curator and audiovisual producer. Member of Hermanos Saíz  Association and the Association of Audiovisual Media of Cuba.

She collaborated in photography classes with children by UNICEF at Casa Simón Bolívar in 2011 and 2012. She made illustrations to the book “The scare” or the Mexican writer Marcos Rodríguez Leija. Their photographs are part of book covers in the Letras Cubanas Publishing House.

She has 10 personal and 23 collective exhibitions

Vocational training

Graduate of Plastic Arts. Visual Arts Experimental Center José A. Díaz Peláez. Editorial Design, Ministry of Culture and Education.

Screenplay Course, Center for Cuban Television Studies.

Basic Photography Course, Casa Simón Bolívar.

Course “History of photography and modern techniques” taught by Professor Sergio D’Andrea.

Literary Workshop Rafael María de Mendive.

Summer workshops on literature and poetry; Professor Jesus David Curbelo, UNEAC.

Painting workshop. Professor Arturo Montoto.

Workshop of Abstract Painting and Ceramics. Professor Francisco Javier Arteaga.

Workshop of Collage and Engraving, XII Biennial of Havana. Visual Arts Experimental Center José A. Díaz Peláez.

Summer Workshop, National School of Art “San Alejandro”.

Personal exhibitions:

2017    The city is flooded.


2016    “Temporary”

             “Mind States”

             “Status quo”

2015    “Brushstrokes”

2014     “Footprints II”

2013     “Footprints”

2009     “From light to nightfall”

Collective exhibitions

2018     Exhibition Gallery Liquid Art System in Capri, Italy.

2016     Exhibition Cultural Center of the Race, San Diego. U.S

2015     Wemilere Festival, Concha Ferrant Gallery.

             José Martí Memorial. Collection of Luciano Méndez.

2014     Exhibition at the Embassy of Spain


2014 – 2016     Body Photography Salon, Mariano Rodríguez Gallery.

2015    Saloons City without limits, Modern Gallery.


Their paintings and photographs belong to the Visual Artists Archive of Professor José Veiga, the Library of the National Museum of Fine Arts (Cuban Art), to the Luciano Méndez Collection and in private collections in Mexico, Italy, Spain and the United States.


Prizes: Literary Workshops of Houses of Municipal and Provincial Culture (poetry and short story)

National Award The Chocolate Flute in poetry.

Prize “Abdala” in Poetry, Arab Union of Cuba.

Prize “Torroella” short story and poetry, Culture`s House  “Rita Montaner”, among others.


2017     Photo-clips in Cuba’s Photo Library

2016     Santiago Álvarez in memoriam International Festival.

2015     Latin American Photographic Conference of Havana

             Art Basel Festival, Miami.

            “It will be”. Singer`s Rafael Valdivia.

2014 Produced photographs and video-clips “Cimarrón” in 2009; “As it rains.”


  • She has published a story in the Book “S.O.S. Tenderness “. Extramural Publishing House
  • Poetry in “The tree on the hill” Letras Cubanas Publishing House.
  • She published his poems in the Magazine Azahar, Coníl, Spain.
  • She published photographs, poems, reviews, paintings and drawings in “La Tiza” magazine

News reviews:

  • Exhibition “Footprints” review of Ada Oramas, Tribuna de La Habana newspaper.

• Exhibition “Ten women’s soul” reviews of: Ilmattino of Naples, Capri News, Capri Notizie, Exibart and Atribune.

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