Carlos Artime Guembe

Carlos Artime Guembe

Manzanillo, Cuba, 1940, resident in U. S. A


He began his work as painter in the commencement of his Architecture’s studies at Havana University in 1961, where he met and had among the professors several outstanding creators of the avant-garde plastic arts of that moment: Guido Llinás, Tomás Oliva, Raúl Martínez, Loló Soldevilla, Hugo Consuegra. Some of them belonged to “Los Once” Group which relocated the Cuban plastic arts in the worldwide level.

Influenced by the new streams of abstractionism, constructivism and PopArt, etc., he develops his non-figurative work absorbed in the color, the form, the space, the intention and he exhibited by the first time in a collective exhibition in 1965.

In 1968 he carries out his first solo show “Una mujer me espera (A woman waits for me)” inspired by a poem of Walt Whitman. He retires from the public scene and in 1982 he shows again with the exhibition “Cubanas en Re (Cuban women in D)” of a totally figurative-symbolic character. He has been shown in galleries until our days, from 1985 with the exhibition “Con la mancha crece…la vida” (“With the Stain it Grows…. the Life)”, about a homonymous poem, he has mixed, based or inspired himself by poems, texts well of their responsibility like of other writers.

In 1991 he moves to United States and for a while it maintained a study in Miami Beach, Florida, until he decides to settle down in Puerto Rico in 1992. He currently resides permanently in Miami from where he expands his work internationally.

So far he has made 37 personal exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions, including his works in public and private collections in Cuba, Spain, France, Belgium, Russia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, United States, Germany and Puerto Rico.

Personal Exhibition

2014     Sonata (Sonata), Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Miami, FL, EUA.

2013     A flor de piel (Close to the skin), Artspoken Miami, FL, EUA.

2010     Comtemporary Art, L.Y. Canes Art, Miami, FL, EUA.

2009     Black and White, Sutton Art Gallery, New York, EUA.

2008     Jardin del amor (Love’s Garden), Zu Fine Arts Gallery, Miami, FL, EUA.

2007     Artime’s tree times, Fire Haus Project, Miami, FL, EUA.

2006  Arte Arquitectura Artime (Arts Architecture Artime), Khroma Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2005     Artime en el tiempo 40 a los 65 (Artime in time, 40 at 65’s), Khroma Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2004   Recuerdos de la casa de los jazmines (Memories of jasmine’s house), Uri Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2003  Carlos Artime y su obra (Carlos Artime and his work), Elinart Gallery, Coral Gables, Miami, FL, Puerto Rico.

2002     Abrazos (Hugs), Union Planters Bank, Coral Gables, Miami, FL, EUA.

2001     Abrazos (Hugs), Puerto Rico’s Cuban Circle, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Reencuentro (Reunion), Tamara Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2000     Reencuentro (Reunion), Art Framing Gallery, Miami, FL, EUA.

1999     Canto a la vida de tu corazon (Song to your heart’s life), Caribbean Cardiovascular Centre, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Los paseos (Walks), “Los Paseos” Bookstore, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1998     Preludio (Prelude), Mon Petit Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Presencia interior (Interior presence), Le Vintage Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1997    Al tiempo del Calliope (At Calliope’s time), Calliope Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1996     La Cruz Azul (Blue Cross), Central Office, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dos a Dos (Two by Two), Sam’s yard, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1994    Recuerdos y encuentros (Memories and encounters), The Caribbean Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1993     Mensaje (Message), San Juan Arts’s League Gallery, Puerto Rico.

1992     Contemporary Artwork from Cuba and Miami Beach, Miami Beach, FL, EUA.

Bohemian Artist Night, Sencle’s Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach, FL, EUA.

1990    Al encuentro con la paz (At encounter with the peace), Mantua Museum, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.

Al encuentro con la paz (At encounter with the peace),  Mella Theatre, Havana, Cuba.

Proposiciones (Propositions), “Wifredo Lam” Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

1989     Todo mezclado (All things mixed), Casa de la Obra Pía, Old Havana, Cuba.

1988     Aclarando camino (Lightening the path), “Wifredo Lam” Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

Canción a dos voces (Two voices song), “Eduardo Abela” Art Gallery, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

1987     Encuentro (Meeting), “Teodoro Ramos Blanco” Art Gallery, Cerro, Havana, Cuba.

1986     Recorriendo el cosmos (Traveling the cosmos), Boyeros Art Gallery, Cuba.

1985    Óleos y Técnicas mixtas (Oils and mixed techniques), “Victor Manuel” Art Gallery, Old Havana, Cuba.

Con la mancha crece…la vida (“With the Stain it Grows…. the Life), “Emilio Rivero Merlín” Art Gallery, Regla, Cuba.

1982     Cubanas en Re (Cuban women in D), “Enrique José Varona” Library, Marianao, Cuba.

1969     Sobre el Amor (About Love), ICP, La Rampa, Havana, Cuba.

1968     Una mujer me espera (A woman waits for me), “Elvira Cape” Library, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

Collective Exhibition

2019     “The Cuban Real Family and Company”. Cultural Center Montjuic. Barcelona, Spain.

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Critical analysis of his ouevre.

Carlos has lived and lives (vibrates) united by the nature to yearning. He extracts to each own existential act the essence which animates him, through pictorial images that express his sui generis impressions of this stage that he has traveled in the kingdom of the earth. Figure, colors and intangible presences populate an open and sharable world, thanks to the mastery of the artist who revives the affective memory converting personal and pleasant-familiar thing in universal and eternal.

Humberto Matos Escalante

(Writer and University Professor)


His work, perhaps difficult to read due to proliferation of different forms and themes, has transited and still does it between the most refined abstractionism to a poetic realism where it mixes the results of “naive” painting but where the hand of an academic is shown in the composition and perspective, in color and its textures, in an infinite juxtaposition of plastic achievements of incalculable artistic value.

Lázara Castellanos

(Writer and Art Critic)

The roads, the sea, the blood, the palms, the rainbow, the cosmos … the infinite, that is the work of Carlos Artime Guembe, who fills everything in brilliantly color with abstract perspectives…

Ana Maria de Rojas Berestein

(Writer and Art Critic)

The Architect Carlos Artime Guembe offers us a set of temperas that represent his personal reflections about some verses written by Mirta Aguirre, integrated into her poem entitled “Encuentro (Meeting)” that is part of the book “Presencia Interior (Interior presence, 1938)”. The artist does not intend to represent, reflect specularly an objective reality. He wants to communicate his personal reactions to the signals emanated in a poem that also does not describe concrete objects but it expresses his state of mind, “rhythms in flight and free gestures.” The painter gives us his personal reaction, persuaded, he too, as the author of the poem, that “not like I say / It will be. It will be how I feel / and I can not say and he’s with me “.

If we had to satisfy bureaucratic demands of classification of these temperas, we would have to situate them in the abstractionist current of op(tical) art, near to some works of the Spaniard Eusebio Sempere. But in somewhat contradicting the words of the initiator of that trend, Victor Vasarely: “Pure plastic divorces itself from literature.”

Mirta Aguirre would have been pleased, undoubtedly, with this very personal view, the non-objective and essentially optimal reflection of her verses, “the voice of an instrument that sounded like the spring”

José Antonio Portuondo

(Director of the Institute of Literature and Linguistics of Havana, 1987, “ENCUENTRO”)