Ariel González Méndez

Ariel González Méndez

Matanzas, Cuba, 1973

Painter, photographer and sketcher. Graduated from a Vocational School of Art “Alfonso Pérez Isaac” and member of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists of Cuba (ACAA) since 1994.

He has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions and has donated works to different social institutions in Cuba.

He has received numerous awards for his participation in salons and events.

His works have been acquired by private collectors in Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, United States among others.

Personal exhibitions:

2003   City between ocher and blue, Centro Cultural Promotion, Matanzas.

City between ocher and blues, Uneac, Matanzas.Landscape. Plaza America, Varadero.

Sabanilla at Uneac. Uneac Matanzas.

2001   Landscapes. Gallery Hotel Arenas Blancas, Varadero.

1997   Oléos. House of Culture Pablo Quevedo, Union of Kings

Group exhibitions:

2005  III Salón Puro Arte. ACAA.

III Salón Puro Arte Matanzas.3rd Prize.

3rd Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture 3rd Prize for the work Cobo in the Artisans Artists Association of Matanzas.

2004  Looks and styles. Sale expositve Palazzo Patrizi via di Città 75 Siena.

XII Artistic Crafts Hall. ACAA.

II Salon of painting and sculpture Uneac Matanzas.Prize in Painting.

Diploma living with HIV / AIDS in recognition and gratitude for this project.

XII Provincial Salon of Artistic Craft work Cobos.

II Salon of Painting and Sculpture. Subsidiary Association of Artisans Artists of Matanzas.

Mention in the II Painting and Sculpture Hall of the Artisans Artists Association of Matanzas.

2003   I Salon Pure Art Memories. ACAA.

XI Artistic Crafts Hall.

I Concept Map Room.

Exhibition Cities in time.

Exhibition The spaces that surround me.

Personal exhibition

Tierra Natal. Galería Centro de Convenciones of Plaza América.

Collective exhibition in homage to the Day of Cuban Culture, Hotel Canimao, Matanzas.

Artistic Crafts Hall in homage to the 310 anniversary of the City of Matanzas, ACAA Gallery, Matanzas.

Expo – Permanent

Artistic Craft, ACAA Gallery, Matanzas.

I Salon Pure Art, Photography, Multipurpose, Matanzas.

I Salon Puro Art, Plastic Arts, Uneac, Matanzas.

I Salón Puro Art, Artesanía, ACAA, Matanzas.

I Painting and Sculpture Hall, ACAA, Matanzas.

Inaugural exhibition Art Gallery, Hotel Club Amigos, Varadero.

2002    Expo – sale The Art for Life. White Room of the Convent San Francisco de Asis, Havana.

Exhibition The Art for Life, Uneac Art Gallery, Matanzas.

Exhibition Art for Life, Museum of Decorative Art. Matanzas.

Collective exhibition Cuban Landscapes, Art Gallery Hotel Arenas Blancas, Varadero.

2001    I Salon of Plastic Arts Conceptual Map, Gallery of the Uneac, Matanzas.

Salon of Landscapes, Gallery of Art Sun and Sea, Varadero.

Landscape Exhibition, Sol y Mar Art Gallery, Varadero.

Exhibition Before the road. Gallery Uneac.

Exhibition Before the road. Art Gallery.Shows Cities in time, Arenas Blancas Art Gallery.

2000    Shows Cities in Time, Uneac Gallery, Matanzas.

1999  Sample of the HermanosSaíz Association, Pedro Esquerré Gallery, Matanzas.

1997 – 1999 Roberto Diago Provincial Hall, Pedro EsquerréGallery, Matanzas.

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