Alexis Miguel Pantoja Pérez

Alexis Miguel Pantoja Pérez

Granma, Cuba, 1969



Elementary school of Plastic arts “Carlos Enríquez” of Manzanillo, Granma.

Professional school of Plastic arts “The Alba” of Holguín.

Graduate in the Pedagogic Superior Institute of the University of Granma, in the specialty of Degree in Plastic arts.

He has imparted shops and conferences he has more than enough Cuban art and their work, in the Schools of Art of Manzanillo and Bayamo and in the University of Utuado Puerto Rico (April 2010) and Tampa, United States (March 2016)

He has been sworn in competitions of different counties of Cuba. Consultant and tutor in the Provincial School of Plastic arts of Santiago de Cuba and School of Plastic arts Oswaldo Guayasamín of Bayamo.

He has been collaborator of the magazine Latin American Art and Puerto Rican from the year 2002.

Personal exhibitions:

2017      Exhibition The Infinite Plot.  Ágora Salon of the Theater Bayamo. Granma, Cuba.

Exhibition The Infinite plot. Carlos Enríquez Gallery. Manzanillo, Cuba.

2015      Exhibition Inauguration of the new Study Gallery. Bayamo.

Exhibition Tropic Insolent. Confronts Gallery. UNEAC. Santiago de Cuba.

2010     Exhibition October: Provincial Museum of History of Bayamo.

2009     Exhibition. Diluting Essences. UNEAC Gallery. Bayamo, Granma.

Exhibition “Of the color with which it looks at himself”. UNEAC Gallery. Santiago de Cuba.

2008     Exhibition “Of the color with which it looks at himself”. Provincial Center of Art. Provincial Gallery.

2007     Exhibition personal  C.Conde III Gallery. San Juan. Puerto Rico

2006     Exhibition Cuban painting CIDIARTE. Lisbon, Portugal.

Exhibition personal art Gallery Frederikstad Norway.

Exhibition of Cuban art in Gallery of Serpa Portugal.

2005     Exhibition of ceramic Notes from the Story. – Gubbio.

Participation like artist international guest to the Festival dei Ceri with ceramic works.

Production in Italy of Ceramic works in the Studio Cerámiche of Rampini.

2004    Exhibition personal Count of Lombillo Gallery co-sponsored for the magazine Opus Havana and the office of the Historian of the Havana City. Havana, Cuba.

2002    Exhibition The great interior Club Havana, Miramar, Havana City, Cuba.

Exhibition The great interior, America House, Genoa, Italy.

Exhibition The great interior Embassy of Cuba in Rome, Italy.

Exhibition The great interior. Puerto Rico

2001    Exhibition Cubart, Palazzo of tourism, Riccione – Rimini, Italy

Exhibition Cubart, Palazzo dei Consoli Gubbio, Italy.

Exhibition Cubart, Palazzo Santa – Crosse of the Italo-Latin American Institute (ILLA) Rome, Italy.

2000    Gallery Carabaggio, Riccione – Rimini, Italy.

1999    Exhibition The Idiosyncrasy, Center of International Press, during the Ibero-American Summit, Havana  City, Cuba

With some everything and much of anything. Juan Marinates Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

Adoring its idiosyncrasy. Forge Martiana Gallery, Havana, Cuba

Exhibition Love and Peace. Culture House Plaza Gallery, Havana. Cuba

1998    Exhibition in Soutmart Gallery Coral Gables, Miami, United States.

1996    Horizons of the sense. Provincial Center of Plastic arts, Bayamo, Granma. Cuba.

1995   Exhibition Sacred Form of Adoration. Universal Art Gallery, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

Exhibition Sacred Form of Adoration. Center of Development of the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba

1994    Exhibition in the Literary Center Manuel Navarrese Moon.  International event of poetry, Manzanillo. Cuba.

Exhibition UNEAC Bayamo. Cuba

Collective exhibitions:  

2017    Collective exhibition in homage to José’s birthday Martí. Hall conferences Square of the Homeland, Bayamo, Granma.

2015    Collective exhibition.Galería Argos.Uneac Bayamo.

2014    Collective exhibition Talent People. Kelly Gallery.Luxemburg.

Utstilling i Brown Gallery Magenta,Gamle Fredrikstad. Norway.

2011    Utstilling i Byhallen, Fredrikstad, Norge.

2009    Exhibition collective Gallery Benito Granda. Jaguaní. Granma.

Exhibition collective Gallery Theater Bayamo. International Event of Orthopedics.

2008    Exhibition collective Theater Bayamo Gallery. International event of Orthopedics.

Exhibition collective Benito Granda Gallery. Jiguaní. Granma.

Artists’ Granma Square of the Homeland 2007 Collective exhibition.

Exhibition collective Memoir of Overseas. Art Spalia Gallery. Balearic islands Spain.

Collective exhibition of Cuban painting in Gallery of art of Odivelas. Portugal.

2006    Collective exhibition in TAKING, Portugal.

Exhibition collective Gallery of the Provincial Council of Granma.

2005   Collective exhibition of painting Cuban Gallery CIDIARTE. Lisbon Portugal.

Cuban painters’ exhibition in Portugal Gallery CIDIARTE. Lisbon.

2003   Exhibition collective Festival of the Cigar C.Habana.

Exhibition Convent San Francisco from Assisi, interior Metaphor, Havana, Cuba.

Exhibition Collective Cuban Painting, Embassy of Cuba, Rome, Italy.

Exhibition Collective Young Cuban Painting, Mexico.

1996   Exhibition three-person . Makandal Gallery.


1996   Contemporary Cuban Art Salon. Photographic library of Cuba. Havana.  Cuba

1995   Contemporary Cuban Art Salon. Photographic library of Cuba. Havana. Cuba.

1994   Provincial of Plastic arts Salon. Bayamo, Granma. Cuba.

1993   Regino Botti Salon. Center Provincial of Plastic arts, Guantánamo. Cuba.

Provincial of Plastic arts Salon. Bayamo, Granma. Cuba

Prizes and Mentions: 

2014   Prize Salon UNEAC Julio Girona. Manzanillo, Granma. Cuba.

2001   Great Prize Provincial Salon of Granma, Cuba.

1993   National prize of the Association “Hermanos Saíz”, “Regino Botti” salon, Guantánamo, Cuba.

Prize Salon of the Holguín City. Cuba.

1991 – 1995 Great Prize of the UNEAC, Provincial of Plastic arts Salon, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba.

1990 – 1995  Great prize Provincial of Plastic arts Salon and Prize UNEAC – Bayamo. Cuba

1990 – 1992 – first 1993 Prize of the Association ” Hermanos Saíz “, Provincial of Plastic arts Salon, Granma, Cuba.

1989   Second Prize in the Plastic arts “October 10th” Salon Manzanillo, Granma, Cuba.

1980   First Great National Prize in the competition of Plastic arts of the National Festival of Fond Artists in the Camp “José Martí”, Cuba.


2017   Skinner Auctions. Boston. United States.

2016   Skinner Auctions. Boston. United States.

2015   Leslie Hindman Auctions – Chicago. United States.

Skinner Auctions. Boston. United States.

Heritage Auctions. Dallas Texas. United States.

Skinner Auctions,Boston. United States.

2014   Leslie Hindman Auctions, Chicago. United States.

Heritage Auctions. Dallas. Texas. United States.

Barridof Auctioneer. Maine. South Portland. United States.

Skinner Auctions. Boston. United States.

Elite. March 2014, Miami. Florida, United States.

2013    Phillips Weeis.  New York, United States.

2012    Fair of International Art  ART BASSELL. Miami, Florida. United States.

2009    Auction Sotheby´s November.  New York. United States.

2008    Auction Sotheby´s November. New York. United States.

2nd ,3rd , 5th  and 8th  Auction of Latin American Art, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Works of Collections:  

In Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, United States, Jamaica, Italy, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Spain, England, France and Hungary.

His work can be in:


2015   Catalogs Auction Skinner, Elite, Barridoff, Heritage and Leslie Hindman-2014 – 2015.

2011   Exhibition collective. One, Two, Three Recording.

50 Cuban artists

2009   Auction Sotheby´s

2008   Auction Sotheby´s

2005   Cuban painting. Three artists. Lisbon. Portugal.

Point of the Story. Gubbio Italy.

2004   The estrangement and the revelations. Lisbon. Portugal.

2001   Cuabart. Gubbio – Riccione. Italy.


” Words to the Asecho of the critical David Mateo.


2017   Art magazine and cultural sciences Ekatombe. “The Infinite Plot”. the art critic’s Article and healer Liannys Lisset Rock Rodríguez. Barcelona, Spain.

2016   Interview “Colloquy with Alexis Pantoja”. The Gazette. Tampa. United States.

2014   Magazine of erotic art “Eyes” “you Point for an occupation”. The art critic’s Article and healer Liannys Lisset Rock Rodríguez. Colombia.

Art for Excellencies. # 2 and 3

2002, 2003, 2004 Latin American art and Puerto Rican. San Juan. Puerto Rico.

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