Artist receives prize for his professional career.

Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón, creator of the Matanzas city received the prize “Aguas del Pompón” conceived by the journalist Lázaro  Jesús Marrero Carreira.

The reward constitutes recognition to the 16 years of professional career inside the plastic arts in Cuba. Alone three artists of the Cuban visual art have received it: Agustín Drake, Manuel Hernández and Roberto Braulio.

One of the particularities of the same is its structure: a bottle that contains in its interior the water of the well-known spring as Pompón, emblematic place of the City of the Bridges. In its obverse it is a picture of the town during the XIX century, in its reverse the shield of the city and in its bottom the name of the entertained.

“It is one of the most interesting recognitions that have granted me”, the painter expressed when receiving it; “it contains the essence of what is to feel people of Matanzas city, is an identity.”

The creator is in the realization of works of diverse formats for the next exhibition whose name is still to define, and where the frottipia, the interpretation of the Afro-Cuban religion and the singular employment of the colors will be present; making singular once again inside the contemporary art. 

Some of their pieces are inside the artistic suggestions of Artecru, space where the interested can appreciate them.



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