Feelings, hidden truths and forms of thoughts in the human faces.

The paintings of portraits constitute one of the most novel and surprising proposals in the world of the plastic arts. The face is without doubts one of the parts more employees when of reflecting the human body it is.

The artist that uses the human factions as creation center has before yes a world full with mystery and potentialities. It should face infinite psychological and heterogeneous worlds.

In the proposals of this style suggested by Artecru, they are diverse elements and they are interspersed the classifications of the different types of portraits.

Faces carried out in oil on canvas in symbiosis with the palette knife technique to create the images that identify each person captured in the paintings.

Diverse tonalities, colors and feelings in constant interaction. This is a space of shades and lights; according to the intention, style and each painter’s creative perspectives.

A sample that is embraced the more dissimilar creative areas in Cuba. In one century where everything cannot be classified as art.