The faces show the sensitivity of the human being

The artist of the plastic Yoandry Cáceres includes in his personal exhibition “As witnesses of …” two new artistic creations. This time  in the gallery San Ignacio #4, in Old Havana, Cuba.

With 14 paintings the exhibition recaptures the paintings of portraits. In which the human being returns to be the center of inspiration and where the interiorities of each of the people painted are reflected.

With the big photographers’ of the Baroque style influence. The visitors to this installation will carry out a visual journey from the traditional until different forms in the search of a new speech and artistic expression.

The technique of oil on canvas becomes the channel of communication between the painter and the spectators. The use of lights and shadows stand out in the conformation of the work as a whole.

The paintings made by Cáceres are within the creative suggestions of Artecru.