The portrait reflects the religious and cultural assumption of their beliefs.

“The fear and the faith in the eyes of the wild”, the most recent portrait of the plastic artist Jorge  J. Gutiérrez Salomón,  will conform part of the exhibition that the creator prepares to present in The Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba, for the 2019.

With a dimension of 200 x140 cm, they are reflected in her the feelings, beliefs and sufferings of a culture that it was pulled up brutally from their earth and conduction to another completely different one, through a look and singular composition inside the contemporary art.   

The work contains an entire vision peculiar of the Afro-Cuban religion, topic recurrent in Salomon’s work. The colors cold and warm employees in diverse tones are indispensable elements to understand it and they are a road of the creator’s artistic expression between him and the public.

The employment of the line in its different morphological forms is another of the considerable aspects inside the proposed visual journey, because it possesses the capacity to go into and to divide at the same time in specific areas to the work.

It is a creation to observe it thoroughly, with a level of details that with an accelerated look it would be impossible to capture; with a break of traditional structures of realization from the aesthetic and visual.

The interested in his artist’s work can find more information in Artecru, space that follows their entire creative chore closely.



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