Young painter integrates the team of creators of Artecru.

Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez, young artist of the plastic one in Matanzas presents in his paintings a strong social load.

With several carried out exhibitions, it uses diverse technical artistic (oil and acrylic on canvas and collage) to transmit their diverse analyses of what surrounds him.

The representations of the feminine figure and their vision of the deities of the Afro-Cuban religion constitute some of the points in their artistic career.

In all their compositions a young look exists avid of to capture all that you go and to transmit it through the code of the plastic arts.

Among their professional works they are the restorations of the Curtain of Mouth and the Muses of the Arts and the realization of the painting of the sky of the Living room of the Mirrors of the Sauto Theater.

The painter integrates from this month to the catalog of collaborators and creators of Artecru.