The denominated Athens of Cuba in the XIX century, it is view this time from the plastic arts.

This is a city that stays in foot with the step of the time. With constructions that have become symbols in Cuba, it is reflected this time through the codes of the painting.

Sensations, perceptions and mysteries of a completely well-known urban landscape for some or strangers for others constitute some of the particularities of these artistic proposals of Artecru.

In these creations, the Cuban city stops to become an immobile element to arise as an entity full with life; from a point referential, with patterns and styles determined by each painter.

It is not an imitation of a world or surrounding reality but an approach and a communication way with the spectator through determined icons.

Masks inside a being

Hiding the face is not always a sign of having done wrong.

Poetry embodied in the Katerine de la Paz`s exhibition

The exhibition consists of nine pieces of medium and small format.

Architecture, urban planning and plastic arts

An artist from the province of Salta, Argentina combines the three disciplines in her career.

Cuban abstractionism at the Marbella International Fair

Contemporary Cuban art occupies a space in the important visual arts contest in Europe.

Dutch contemporary art in the Patrick Koster´s vision

The artist offers us a discourse from different aesthetic conceptions.

A serigraphy, a work, a creator of your society

The visual technique is the way of understanding between a creator, his work and the public.

French art in the Caribbean insularity

The creative look of a French artist expresses a perfect combination of harmony and light.

Evolution from the everyday and the artistic

This new proposal is the result of constant improvement of its creator.

“Rivers of Cuba”: new series by Juan Manuel Velázquez

The Cuban countryside is again the inspiration of the artist.

An intermittent river of matter in the physical

A multiplicity of creative techniques converges in Matanzas city.

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