Different perspectives in a single piece of plastic arts. 

The artists Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón (Cuba) and Inkie Wang (South Korea) unite their matters forms of creating in a single piece.

The work of 100x70 cm with the pastel drawing technique in cardboard support, expressed two different artistic and pictorial visions united by the codes of the art.

Wang, creator of the Asian continent with a desert international prestige, also recognized by the employment Lego; and Salomón representative and defender of the Afro-Cuban religion from the plastic arts, they conformed a perfect duality at times from the pictorial one of the visit from the South Korean to the city of Matanzas.

In all its composition the line is like main element of the visual communication in their different forms. On hand the curvilinear morphology of the Cuban, present in many occasions likes part of his visual aesthetics. For the other hand, the direct configuration of Asian creator, it transports the spectator toward the identity of a millennial culture.

In both an originality that becomes exclusivity inside the contemporary art converges.

This cardboard is in the online gallery of Artecru.



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