Young creator from Matanzas imposes his pictorial speech.

“Pepilladas” is the new collective exhibition young artist Frank David Valdés Hernández on the whole to other 4 creators.

Foreseen to be inaugurated February 8th in the Servando Cabrera Gallery in Havana, Cuba; in her they are picked up certain and matters creation forms inside the contemporary art.

The public will find pieces corresponding to painting, furniture and objects in a general way, in which each artist developed them with a different look and with specific codes.

In her, also professor of the Superior Institute of Art is shown in an appeased way, maintaining the singular employment of the color like point in his work.

He supplements and it expresses this way his pictorial speech inside the other pieces that conform the exhibition.

The artist combines in his professional career the painting and the design, this last specialty has facilitated him to work in the covers and images of publications of Editions Vigía and in the realization of the poster of this sample expositive.

Some of the works of this creator of Matanzas city are in Artecru.



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