This contemporary visual artist renews his way of realizing his art.

Imposing on the new challenges and circumstances in which the contemporary visual arts are developed, Pako Campo, the renowned and multi-awarded Spanish creator, looks for new formulas to carry out their works and expand them to dissimilar parts of the world.

On this occasion, their chromatic and powerful oils on canvas of great dimensions are reborn in a very unique way, also in remarkable formats through the giclée technique: prints made with high quality inkjet printers, with resolutions far superior to those of domestic use. .

The term comes from the French and its meaning is “chorro” in Castilian language, and it describes the way in which the ink is applied on the paper like support in this case.

For the artist: “obviously, when we talk about high quality, we also talk about a high price, so the production of a series of giclée reproductions will be quite superior to the lithographic process. Keep in mind that the result will be incomparable, in addition to the management of color and the final result is much more customizable.

My recommendation is to bet on the giclées in case you want to do limited editions. ”

Once again technology and art come together to expand the latter to any part of the planet, in a century where many try to encompass what they do as “a whole creative process full of concepts and meanings”.

It would not be strange then to find some reproductions of works like “Nova Y” or “Hong Drone” as part of some collection or exhibition, without any of them losing the essence and the aesthetic – conceptual patterns of the original work and the seal of its author.

Those interested can learn more about this creator through their profile at

Pako Campo (right) and Jesús Rocandio in La Casa de la Imagen, Spain.

Part of the giclée printing process.



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