The work was acquired by an institution of Paris, France.

The work Orisha Okó the plastic artist Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón was acquired by an institution of the city of Paris, France.

With 4 x 2.60 meters belongs to this creator’s more recent exhibition: The roads didn’t become alone. In her combines several techniques, among those that stand out the materic art and the so discussed frotype own author’s last invention.

The painting represents a scream of you not liberate alone from the religious point of view but from the personal affairs the own human being.

According to Maguy Lepick, French collector and one of the sponsors of the institution that will welcome the painting: “Salomón is the new Cuban Picasso and Orisha Okó the new Guernica” in the world of the plastic arts.

The exhibition of which is part this work will be closing the next one January 15th for then to be reopened in the Center of Conventions of Square America in Varadero Beach until the month of March.

The work of the creator will be presented for final of year in the Fair of Art of Colombia and it stops by the middle of this 2018 it exists the possibility that him same the present in Paris. Meanwhile the interested ones can it brings near her from Artecru, space that has a sample of their creations.



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