The “Carlos Enríquez” Gallery reopened

From this Saturday, May 26th, the Gallery “Carlos Enríquez” of Manzanillo (Cuba), exhibits the most recent work of the creator Yunier Tamayo Sánchez, whose broad curriculum includes more than 30 exhibitions and collective shows and 8 personal exhibitions, as well as interventions public of performative character and happenings in scenes of the provinces of Granma and Holguín.

For the reopening of the Gallery, after three months of restoration, José Herrera Vigas, director of the Municipal Sector for Culture, Manuel Olivera Álvarez (MOA), president painter of the Uneac in the city, other directors of this sphere and the municipal committee of the PCC, prestigious creators such as the engraver Avelino García, the sculptors Wilfredo Milanés and Ramón Cisnero, the painters Jesús Diéguez, Arael Jiménez, Jorge P. Martín Ochoa, Yunior Toledano and the singer Axel Milanés, among others.

The codified insinuation of the experiences of the artist in “constructed situations” and the multitude of signs that act as mediators or vehicles for the emission and reception of messages, respond to certain principles of the so-called Situationist International (1957-1972). The formal and paratextual elements of his work of an abstract nature lead him to exploit these 18 pieces, which cover various creative stages from the year 2015 to the present, as stimulants or factors that, at the same time that they are reflected on, start up a new game of meanings and experiences. includes a varied selection of works by this prolific manzanillero creator and invites you to come closer to his work.



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