Masks and imagination

A parade of masks took possession of the Plaza of Vigía in the city of Matanzas like part of the Festival Fluxus, which is developed in this Cuban city.

Played by students of scenic design of the Superior Institute of Art, it was demonstrated to inclination a perfomance like the art doesn’t constitute a static element but rather it takes it forms through the movement of the body, the colors and the music.

The alived statues were also part of the offered show and in a perfect symbiosis with their environment charged life inside a world full with fantasy and imagination.

This time the art in movement demonstrated the human being’s creative potentialities; option this that brings near a more heterogeneous public once again to the world of the creation.

New offers of an art gallery

The gallery Pedro Esquerré in the city of Matanzas wide its services in the month of November.

As part of the activities programmed for the penultimate month of the year, this institution opens its doors for the music, this time to the group Athens Brass Ensemble, grouping that monopolizes the attention in the cultural life of the city for its executions with the instruments of wind – metal in its performances.

For the followers of the plastic arts in their diverse modalities, the gallery proposes Art in the Portals, withdrawing outdoors with students of the Academy of Art; Presentation Art to the Letter; with of Cuban and international artists’ books and shops of painting for children bigger than 14 years.

One of the most interesting activities will be the course in the curator´s specialty in charge of the graduated Helga Montalván that will give beginning today 7 until next day 11.

It is diverse options within reach of the hand of all the lovers of the good art.

Some lunatics inside the cabinet

Don Juan Tenorio and other lunatics are the title of the personal exhibition of Frank David Valdés, exposed in the gallery The Cabinet of the House of the Scenic Memory in the city of Matanzas.

Don Juan Tenorio… it conforms the result of the graduation thesis of Scenic Design in the University of Arts of Frank David, who was inspired by the work of “Don Juan Tenorio” of José Zorrilla and in the design of the book “Christopher Columbus and other lunatics”.

Frank David conjugates in his work the modern and the old things (photograph, paintings and the handicraft) with the world of the scenic design as an interesting excuse to achieve the public’s attraction that visits the installation.

The author uses the colors, the lines, the handicraft elements and the man’s figure that it breaks up with the classic structure of the perfect morphology of the human body as expression roads and of bond with his creative reality.

Don Juan Tenorio and other lunatics locks in their entirety a group of hidden messages with those which Frank David incites the spectator to give them the most diverse readings.

A look through the perception of an artist

Where the look trembles, personal exhibition of Manuel Leyva (Foka) it was open to the public in the art gallery Pedro Esquerré of the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

Manuel Leyva is graduated of the academy of art of the Youth’s Island in 1992. He has more than 50 personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and internationally and it counts among the recognitions granted with the Prize Diago of the Edition in the year 2014.

In the works exposed in this space the family thing it is stood out in an intimate and private atmosphere, with emphasis in the paintings carried out their small daughter of 13 months of life.

According to, Helga Montalván Díaz, in their words written for the catalog of the exhibition: “Leyva recycles the attitude of the life, when transmitting us this daily, instantaneous and urgency.”

Among the techniques used by Manuel Leyva they meet the acrylic one on the canvas and the liquid embroidery in textile painting with texture to relief, aspect this last one complex because they are needed of the knowledge of the diverse disciplines that conforms the plastic arts for not damaging the creative work that the artist carries out.

The most interesting thing in the paintings carried out by Leyva is the employment of the line, defined by him same as an important factor in their artistic realizations and with which cannot come off easily; becoming this way a symbol of creative identity.

Where the look trembles it is a starting point to unite the intimate and family with the external world and this way to share sensibilities through diverse looks.

Photographs and the art of the industrial patrimony

As part of the rescue of the industrial patrimony, it is exhibited by these days a photographic exhibition in the Museum Palacio of Junco, in the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

The 18 instantaneous it includes a journey for all Cuba and they are linked to the thematic one industrial that includes machineries, facilities and productive activities from the XIX century until the present time.

The pictures show the development of the Cuban industry from the artistic point of view through the selection of emblematic places and grateful at national level and internationally, some of them transformed into symbols of identity of cities and tourist centers of interest.

Inside the places that the public can be they find: the old factory of oil The Cook, today Factory of Cuban Art; the port of Havana and the Pharmaceutical Museum of the city of Matanzas, only of their type in Cuba.

The pictures exposed in the city of Matanzas demonstrate once again that we can find the union of the reality and the art in the places fewer thought; always view from a different optics.

Mapping: a form of organizing the art

The session of Mapping of the exhibition of art of new media, Bistro, was presented in the portals of the Gallery Pedro Esquerré in the city of Matanzas.

The Mapping constitutes the production resource that it works with the visual concept where it reproduces everything and the parts of an object or certain work.

In this case the use of a projection in the front of the building of firemen of the city was the vehicle for the transmission of the message of the audiovisual works that are in Bistro.

Once again the conceptual art and in movement it breaks up with the monotony and it demonstrates that the public spaces outdoors can become an art gallery perfectly within reach of all.

The closing of Bistro took place this monday October 24th in this institution of the Athens of Cuba.



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