The world of the atmosphere of spaces taking new forms by means of the plastic arts.

New proposals in the environment of the design are the new pieces of paintings proposed by Artecru for this year beginning.

Following the artistic patterns of the contemporary, these suggestions respond to the demands of a renovating time in the world of the plastic arts.

The works possess his creator’s distinctive stamp in which it is implicit the subjectivity and the perceptive capacity of the surrounding world; with an iconography peculiar of singular creative forms taking as point the acrylic on canvas.

With variable dimensions these artistic scenes can combine of dissimilar ways without they lose their essence, they break up with the inertia and they go into in a movement world and where the provocation toward the spectator is constant.

The lovers of the art have before them an aesthetic, pleasant, interesting and only proposal. Alone it is then that you can enjoy them.



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Open your doors