Artist’s work of the city of Matanzas is exhibited in the Cuban capital.

Adrián Socorro, plastic artist from the city of Matanzas, inaugurates his personal exhibition “Mural” on May 18 at Casa La Bombilla Verde, in Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

The sample is composed of several pieces, but six made in acrylic on canvas of 90 x 390 cm, which, coupled together, make up a single work give name to this exhibition and constitute its central axis.

Each of these canvases is part of the set design for the play “CCPC: La República Light” by the group El Portazo. Then the attendees to the exhibition will have to interpret the codes of the world of the tables in symbiosis with that of the plastic arts.

The creator proposes in this occasion an interesting, suspicious and to some extent daring visual journey through the use of the symbols that identify Cuba as a nation: the flag, the shield and the tocororo, conjugated with stanzas of the National Anthem of the Island.

The spectator has thus with the use of naked bodies and represented without any taboo; the existential concerns, essence and redemptions of a part of contemporary Cuban society.

Those interested can have more information about his work in Artecru.



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