The exhibition is dedicated to the 85 years of life of the sculptor and Master Agustín Drake.


The creators Yeniel Morales Medina and Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón are among the artists that make up the collective exhibition “Messengers of Olofi”, inaugurated this January 12th in the emblematic and historic San Severino Castle, located on the shores of Matanzas Bay.

Morales Medina presented a triptych consisting of the pieces executed in the mixed technique on canvas: “Lucero Mundo” (45 x 38 cm), “S / t” (30 x 25 cm) and “Antifaz” (30 x 25 cm); to recreate from a very personal worldview a part of Cuban culture linked to the heritage of African slaves.

For his part Solomon selected on this occasion his piece “Okan choncho ade meji oju olordumare” (A single path, two crowns in the eyes of the supreme god) of 2.60 x 4 meters, composition that reflects the syncretism between two regions and religious descent of the creator.

The exhibition counts as a special guest the outstanding teacher Agustín Drake that to say of him in Idania Álvarez in the words of the catalog: “He is a creator of infinite imagination, capable of turning any waste material into an artistic work, loaded with a Creole humor , sometimes, others of a strong criticism, others of enormous political load. ”

The exhibition takes place within the framework of the X Anniversary of the creation of the Slave Route Project by Unesco and will be open to the public until February 12th, 2019.

A selection of the work of these two creators can be seen in their respective Artecru profiles.

Yeniel Morales Medina’s triptych

Work: “Okan choncho ade meji oju olordumare” (One way, two crowns in the eyes of the supreme god)

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The exhibition is dedicated to the 85 years of life of the sculptor and Master Agustín Drake.

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